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In the past few years, there have been many enormous victories gained for gay marriage in the United States. In 2013, the United States Supreme Court ruled that DOMA (the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act) Section 3, which claimed that the institution of marriage was only between a man and a woman for the ultimate purpose of granting married couples federal benefits, was unconstitutional, and that it violated the Constitution’s promise of equal rights. In 2015, the same Court ruled that the fundamental right to marry extends to same-sex couples. This means that both the Federal Government and all State Governments in the United States must recognize same-sex marriages. To know more about how the recent rulings affect you and your LGBT partnership, contact Indiana LGBT attorney Barbara J. Baird for a thorough understanding of what has changed, and what hasn’t.

Whether you are in a same-sex marriage, domestic partnership or civil union, it is crucial that you protect yourself and your relationship with proper life and estate planning documents. Marriage alone does not resolve all questions concerning your family’s future. Having wills, health care powers of attorney, living wills, financial powers of attorney, funeral planning declarations and a domestic partnership agreement prepared is the only way to ensure your rights are protected and your family is cared for.

The Law Office of Barbara J. Baird works with LGBT couples across the state of Indiana in thoroughly and carefully preparing these documents: let her help you, too. Call her today at her office in Indianapolis, Indiana at 317-637-2345.