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If you are starting a business, it is vital to have solid legal counsel on your side. Especially at the outset, business formation and entity structuring are often the most important steps you can take. This is even more true if you are part of the growing LGBT community. The business form that you decide to use can have a significant impact on your profits, liabilities and growth potential. Indianapolis, IN LGBT Business attorney Barbara J. Baird works with individuals and companies that are finding a niche within the LGBT community, whether they are seeking to establish a business entity or need assistance in dealing with an already existing one. Attorney Baird provides them with information regarding the legal consequences of various entity formations, including taxes, the ability to take distributions, and personal liability. One of the advantages of LLCs is that they allow sole business owners and small partnerships to protect themselves from personal liability. However, the failure to follow certain formalities can jeopardize this protection and Attorney Baird can advise and assist the small entrepreneur to preserve limited liability.

Attorney Baird understands the complexities of representing an LGBT-owned business. Her Business Law services include:

• Business organization and structure

• Agreements among owners

• Shareholder buy-sell and redemption agreements

• Operating agreements for limited liability companies

• Employment, compensation, consulting and non-compete agreements

• Tax matters

• Succession Planning

Choosing to Start a Business as an LLC

Barbara J. Baird helps you protect and grow your business into the future. She works with clients to show them the advantages of starting their company as an LLC. Some of these advantages are that LLCs have fewer corporate formalities, have no ownership restrictions, can deduct operating losses, and have tax flexibility. Deciding to start your business as an LLC can be a solid business decision, one that can keep your company viable for years to come. As an LGBT LLC, you will be working with an attorney who is compassionate and experienced in working with the LGBT community, and you can feel at ease in voicing your unique concerns with an attorney well-versed in Indiana laws.

If you are interested in starting an LLC, Indiana LGBT business lawyer Barbara J. Baird can provide you with the legal guidance and assistance you need. Contact Attorney Baird at her office in Indianapolis at 317-637-2345 today to discuss your case.


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