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The Indiana LGBT community faces a number of challenges that other communities potentially don’t have to deal with: there is prejudice, in and out of court. There are legal conundrums and gray areas. As of 2015 same-sex marriages are recognized in Indiana and across the country. Many of the issues and questions facing LGBT people are resolved with the new ability to get married. Yet this does not resolve questions of what is right for your family in particular. Should you get married? Will marriage protect your family for the future in retirement and death? How will marriage affect our children? Does marriage equality mean parentage equality? What can we do when dealing with the frustrations of adoption, or in matters dealing with wills, probate, or power of attorney? How can you be certain that you, your partner or spouse, or your children will be recognized or treated with fairness should something happen to one of you?

The one Constant for Our Community is Change

The best solution for you and your family is to contact an experienced Indiana attorney who will help you navigate the ever-evolving laws surrounding LGBT issues. That attorney is Indianapolis LGBT Family Law Attorney Barbara J. Baird. Serving central Indiana, including Marion, Hamilton, Hendricks, Johnson and Hancock Counties, Barbara J. Baird demystifies the processes involved in all manner of estate planning, adoptions, wills and probate, living wills, advance directives, power of attorney, small businesses, domestic partnerships, and other areas unique to the Indiana LGBT community.

For LGBT couples, singles or families, the adoption process can be tricky. Whether you are attempting a foster care adoption, a second parent or co-parent adoption, or any other kind of adoption, it is vital to have an experienced, aggressive LGBT Adoption attorney to ensure that your rights are properly attended to. As far as estate planning is concerned, proper planning is key to avoiding heartache and suffering down the road. If a member of the LGBT community fails to properly plan, the result can be devastating to his or her partner and family. Addressing the needs of the LGBT community involves setting up airtight estate plans, advance directives, healthcare powers of attorney, and other documents to ensure that if something happens to one of you, the court will not be able to appoint another member of your family to make choices that you would prefer your partner make. Arranging matters with a qualified LGBT attorney can ensure that things go as you plan them to.

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Take care of your loved ones with peace of mind by arranging all of your domestic, adoption, business or estate matters with the help of central Indiana LGBT Lawyer Barbara J. Baird. Call her at her Indianapolis office today at (317) 248-5120.

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